Big Ang from VH1’s Mob Wives has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer and her fans wanted to help her out with her hospital bills for whatever insurance did not cost. Being a good sister she is and trying to help, Ang’s sissy Janine Detore created a GoFundMe account so all of Ang’s worried fans could have an easy way to donate cash money for her surgeries. However, Ang was never told about the page. A random fan asked Janine why a celebrity was asking their fans for help, and she realized that was a valid point. She quickly took down the page and apologized to fans for even asking for any help due to the fact that between Ang and her family, they’re more than capable of covering any hospital bills. The page was only active for a few hours but in that time, they raised $150.

We hope you feel better, Ang!

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Source: TMZ