Jamie Foxx Hollywood Album

“Don’t call it a come back,” he’s been here for years: The music world rejoices for the long awaited return of an R&B crooner as Jamie Foxx Dropping “Hollywood” Album Next Month, his first in five years!!! Why the name “Hollywood” exactly???

Jamie Foxx Dropping “Hollywood” Album Next Month is a milestone for the singer-musician-actor-comedian-and host’s unstoppable career in entertainment. The Oscar winner* is slated to drop the next chapter in his R&B journey on May 18th to be exact!

Though we had already heard “Pretty Young Thing” and seen him performing “You Changed Me” with Chris Brown at this year’s iHeart Music Awards, Jamie Foxx Dropping “Hollywood” Album Next Month has so much more in store. Rap Up reports the album will include the tracks “Jumping Out a Window,” “I’m Supposed to be in Love by Now,” and the title track, which was inspired by a fame-obsessed ex-girlfriend.

Jamie Foxx Dropping “Hollywood” Album Next Month is also positive news in the right direction away from recent drama. The album marks the official follow-up to 2010’s Best Night of My Life, which debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200. We’ve seen time and time again Jamie killing the charts with some of the best in the game…good to see him still going strong.

Congrats on the new album bruh! Check the vid to hear more behind the name!

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