Tyrese on Furious 7 Making A Billion

Looks like we’ve been watching history in the making! Tyrese Celebrates Furious 7 Hitting Billion Dollar Mark and absolutely shattering box office records…you won’t believe the epic list of films the franchise is ranked next to now!!!

It was a million dollar opening week for the next installment of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise and now there’s major cause for celebration. Tally up a whole lot of #wins and join the #1BILLIONSTRONG declaration as Tyrese Celebrates Furious 7 Hitting Billion Dollar Mark!!!

This is actually the first billion dollar film in the history of the Universal corporation which is obviously a huge accomplishment. The number-one status in the US gave way to a great international debut which has also helped it’s unprecedented climb with over $700 million grossed. As Tyrese Celebrates Furious 7 Hitting Billion Dollar Mark it also marks the 20th film ever to make a billion, alongside the blockbusters of Titanic, Avatar and the recent Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Tyrese Celebrates Furious 7 Hitting Billion Dollar Mark in his own way as Vlad TV reports, participating in a ton of social media posts with the cast and spreading fan art in tribute of the late Paul Walker—who made his posthumous appearance in what many say should be the last Furious film. Tyrese says he and Paul knew Furious 7 would be something special:

“Paul if you can see this I love you we did it bro…. We talked about this on set!!! 1 BILLION STRONG!!!! To the#FastFamily and crew through it all we did it!!!! To GOD be ALL the GLORY!!!!”

…that’s definitely what’s up! RIP Paul Walker and congratulations to the entire cast and crew, hopefully this means bigger and better things for them all.

Check the gallery for those posts!

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