Former Bad boy artist G-Dep was allowed to leave prison briefly to attended his father’s funeral. Hop into the post for all the photos and details! #IFWT!

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Recently, Crystal Sutton, G-Dep’s ex-wife talked about raising their twin boys without him. She also spoke on her life as a single mother and there very tearful reunion. G-Dep was sentenced 15 years to life back in 2011 when he confessed to a murder he committed back in 1993. Crystal Sutton says that her husband tries his best to stay in contact with his sons and that their reunion was overshadowed by G-Dep’s Father passing away.

Crystal Sutton said :

“When someone passes you feel a great sadness or it could be relief, if they were suffering,” she said. “Dep has not seen his sons in a little over 4 years. Yes he calls regularly and he sees pictures of them growing, but being in their presence, the same room, next to each other is such a different feel. The days leading up to his arrival were stressful for me. I didn’t eat, I could hardly sleep. I was on a mission, the boys had to see their father and nothing could interfere, sadly and I do feel bad for this, not even the death of his father William “Butch” Goines.”

Crystal Sutton says he twin boys were nervous to see their father in his prison uniform but she has tried to explain G-Dep’s story to her kids without pushing them way from him. When the family finally came together , Crystal Sutton says the reunion was emotional as they made the most out of the hour they got to spend with their father.

“I’ll prep so I could prepare their feelings and mine,” she said. ” So they would not be frightened. I’ve explained to them hundreds of times: “Your father made a fatal judgment when he was young, but he wanted and needed forgiveness and peace.” Its not easy explaining to them, when all they have are the good memories. I never want to take that from them. All I could do was hope and pray that seeing him in shackles, hands held close to his waist that those memories would not fade from their minds.”

Crystal Sutton says she’s hoping to find programs that help children like her sons and other teens who have parents is prison . She’s devoted her time to working with organizations like SCAN NY (Supportive Children’s Advocacy Network) to help raise awareness and enveloping counseling programs for teens.

Cyrstal Sutton Said :

“I became increasingly frustrated with with the lack of services offered to children with an incarcerated parent, so I decided to work on my own program,” she said. “Now being a single parent, working and handling a not for profit was going to have its challenges. So I’ve been working with SCAN NY (Supportive Children’s Advocacy Network). There are more and more minorities being locked away but who is checking on the children being left behind. Who is there to ensure they don’t follow the same path?”

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