Da Brat on Nicki, Iggy and New Album

Thank the Hip Hop Gods because the first* female rapper to achieve platinum-status says she’s in the studio “every other night” and has been booked* handling a lot of upcoming business. While it’s always great to see legends working and living good, hearing their take on the current scene can fall somewhere between an exhausted eye-roll and bitterness. Not here though—you definitely want to hear why Da Brat Says Nicki Minaj Has Longevity, Iggy Not So Much in this honest and hopeful commentary!!!

Chicago native Da Brat doesn’t have to do too much to be appreciated by any true lover of Hip Hop. She’s paved ways for all the female artists coming behind her, not to mention been an untouchable lyricist and displayed more talent behind the mic than most men. It’s a great thing she’s been hard at work on a roll-out of projects including a new album (!!!), which she put the people onto during a recent red carpet interview for the 93.5 KDay Krush Groove concert. In the same interview Da Brat Says Nicki Minaj Has Longevity, Iggy Not So Much and laid out precisely why she thinks so.

Vlad TV further reports on Da Brat Says Nicki Minaj Has Longevity, Iggy Not So Much where she points out a critical difference between her era and now:

“[What do you ladies have in common though?] Probably that drive and we all got love for each other and we support each other. Like I could call Missy today and talk to her or vice versa…I definitely feel like Nicki gone have longevity, not sure about Iggy, but right now she dope. I’m not sure, cause I haven’t really heard her spit-spit. And spit-spitting is coming back. Y’know what I’m saying? So…Nicki spits. I’m a rapper myself I’m a true lyricist so I like when you saying something.”

…word up! Now “spit-spitting” and “saying something” are two other conversations (you already know!) but if you’ve ever been in the middle of a debate about female Hip Hop artists of today you’ve probably heard “females today don’t stick together,” a #valid point especially against the legacy of the 90’s. But while legends like MC Lyte, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim and even Lauryn Hill are still going strong and Da Brat Says Nicki Minaj Has Longevity, Iggy Not So Much, what will the new era of female representation look like?

Many say other female rappers are “irrelevant” in the shadow of Nicki Minaj which is also debatable—but if Nicki is leading the way by also being a global pop artist, are the minds and airwaves closed to other points of view? Are people only looking for established female rappers to open up the lane or will the airwaves open for up-and-comers like Tink, Rapsody and those yet to surface?

Welp…in the meantime “Da Brat-tat-tat” is coming back y’all!!! Check the vid to hear more of what she had to say and don’t forget the gallery up top!

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