Bobby and Tina are wrong about the state of Bobbi Kristina’s condition, she remains on life support and is still unresponsive, according the Huston family.

On Saturday Bobby Brown was a special guest at the Frankie Beverly concert in Dallas. When he got on stage and shocked the crowd with the news that Bobbi Kristina is awake. Three months ago, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bathtub and has been in the hospital on life support since January 31. Brown announced to the to the crowd,“Bobbi is awake.” He went on to say, “She’s watching me.” The crowd went crazy, cheering and clapping at the thought of a possible recovery for the only child of  legend Whitney Houston.

Shortly after the concert Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Tina Brown posted on Facebook, “[Bobbi] woke up and is no longer on life support!!!!!:):)God is good!!thanks for your prayers,,still a process,but she is going to be ok:):):):).”

The Houston family has finally broken their silence and called out Bobby and Tina about making these in false statements. Sources with close ties to the Huston family say it is unclear where Brown is getting his information and are unsure why he or his sister Tina has made these statements. Throughout Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization the families have been on opposite sides of the fence.

The Houstons have held their position, “She is in exact same condition she was in when she went into the facility.” They have stated that there has been “minimal” reaction, Bobbi Kristina also is still on a ventilator.