Bobby Shmurda Heads Back to Court

The case weighs on, heavily as Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Says Uphill Battle Ahead in Court Today. Heading in for the first time since the re-revised bail package was withdrawn in February, the legal defense of Shmurda and the GS9 Kenneth Montgomery says it’s still a fight. He’s also given an update on how Bobby’s doing, what he’s looking to do next in terms of legal strategy and how close Bobby is to getting out.

Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Says Uphill Battle Ahead in Court Today and it’s been about four months since Brooklyn’s ‘Ackquille Pollard’ has been in holding for 100 charges of gang conspiracy, drugs and weapons charges. The next court appearance of April 22nd centers specifically on handling the decisions of the grand jury so far and moving the filed motions of the defense forward.

XXL caught up with Kenneth Montgomery, Esq and while Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Says Uphill Battle Ahead in Court Today, he’s says Bobby’s doing well—but what they could really use in the courtroom is some “reason.” While proceedings mostly involve a slow turn over of paperwork right now, Kenneth says he’ll also be turning in a hard drive as to obtain video evidence and all other “discoveries” the district attorney has. He says he expects to get “locked in and try to fight this case.” Seeing as how even the former head of the “Hip Hop Police” says Bobby’s been a target, they’ll need all the fight they can muster:

What do you want to happen on Wednesday?
My want doesn’t matter right now. What I would want is some reasonableness to take place and that this young man can be given a reasonable bail and get out. But I know what we’re up against. We’re not up against reason. We’re up against the rule of law.

Do you think there is any chance his bail gets reduced?
Not before this judge. Absolutely not.

What is your realistic goal for what’s going to happen?
I think the jury will adjourn for more discovery and hammer out the legal issues. I think we’re going to continue trying to explore to meet the bail package and get someone involved in which his bail package can work.

How is Bobby Shmurda holding up right now?
He’s a tough kid. I like him. He’s a special kid. I like him a lot.

Do you think he’s close to getting out?
People have to understand that his bail is $2 million. He’s not a multi-millionaire, so for his bail to be that, any potential suitors must be a good fit. Whoever comes in has to be the right fit. If we can get someone who’s the right fit, of course it could happen.

…and there you have it. As Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Says Uphill Battle Ahead in Court Today it was his mother Leslie Pollard who told Lisa Evers of FOX NY, “they have their eyes on the minority youth in our neighborhood and the know what they want to see from [them].” Stay tuned as details still developing in the case.

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