Warning: Spoiler! One of X-Man originals superheroes finds out he’s gay by time traveling.

One of X-Man originals superheroes Robert “Bobby” Drake A.K.A Iceman comes out the closet on “All-New X-Men” #40 that hits new stands today.

On Wednesdays issue #40 uncovers the truth of Bobby Drake being gay. The details come out in a conversation with Iceman and Jean Grey (the mind reader) we all can guess how she found out. Iceman is seen as an older self through time travel. Bobby implied that he is probably bisexual but you can get nothing passed Jean when she can read your mind. Iceman also said that an older him would never come out in the open because it will very difficult for him to be a mutant and gay.

-You can grab your copy today in comic book stores and digital copy online.

Source: CNN.com

Here’s a classic video of Iceman getting it in with Spiderman & Friends.

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