Ok… So we all know Rick was booed up with creative go getter Snob Life’s very own Ming Lee! The beautiful vixen was (keyword) dating Rick Ross. However, the MMG king was spotted on Snap Chat kissing the gorgeous chocolate candy Lira Galore! TF happened?

Rick and Ming were spotted multiple times in clubs, venues and events. This couple was the “it” couple you know…Ross the boss went well with Ming by his side. These two street savvy hustler’s meshed well and made the best companions…or not.

Previously Ming has been posting some statements to her Instagram profile, sending subliminal shots. One quote Ming posted read:

” Exfoliate,drink some water, squat, expand your vocab… then worry about me”.

She later stated:

“Jk. Don’t ever worry about me. Just drink some more water”.

Is this some shade sparking fuel? Is tea being sipped?

Ming later went on to caption. Stay focused. The MMG hustler Rick Ross seemed to be doing his thing from smoking it up on 4/20 to hanging out with Fat Trel at venues and events. Ross still sipping that Belaire but their is something new…

Lira Galore the popular chocolate candy-coated vixen was seen snuggled up with Ross the boss. mhhmmm … Ming was just dating Ross a couple of weeks ago and they seemed to be the next big idolized couple? How did Lira Galore get in the picture? This picture is very affectionate and it seems like someone is being claimed.. Does it?
wow.. Nobody knows what happened. The Snap Chat pic is entitled with a text that say’s

” CoCo”

..with a heart by its side..
Uh Ohh.. lets see were this goes..