It looks like Royalty is spreading love to everyone’s heart. Now, Chris Brown’s mother, grandma Joyce Hawkins is showing how grateful she is to be in the little girl’s life.

Check out Momma Breezy in her feelings after the jump.

Momma Breezy took things to her Twitter last night, to express how much she does love the new family member Royalty. Her Twitter states:

“God Don’t Make Mistakes” and “She’s my little angel”.

With all the drama that the bundle of joy has arrived with, Joyce seems to feel like it is all worth the trouble. It seems like Joyce is not trying to miss a beat in Royalty’s life now. With face painting outside to hanging out in the house. Momma Breezy is staying connected to her grandchildren anyway that she can.

Everyone is showing their love for the little girl from Chris Brown, of course, Joyce and King Ba (Brazil). King Ba who recently tatted the name Royalty and Nia on his fore arm still is going strong for the baby girl. Even if Chris Brown is now in her life to stay. King Ba still feels like he should be apart of Royalty’s life even if it’s not full time. Chris Brown might be facing custody battles in the future with King Ba for Royalty and Nia to move to L.A. Joyce is on Chris Brown’s side with the custody battle of course.

Chantel Ciera

Chris Brown Facing Custody Battle