Iphone users know the strategic ways we have to use our phone in order to get the maximum battery life. Don’t worry Iphone users, we have a solution to all of our low battery alert woes. For many Iphone 6 users the battery barely last a whole day Fear not your battery anxiety issues are now over. The Incipio Offgrid Express is quickly becoming the best battery case to own. the 3,000 mAh battery can fully recharge a dead phone with power left to spare. Check out the best part after the jump!

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It has a battery indicator on the front to show how much charge is available. Four LED lights make it easy. Along with its slim and lightweight design it is aesthetically one of the nicest Iphone cases too. All you need to do to activate the charging feature is hold down the button on the side of your phone for a few seconds and it will start charging.

The best part of power cases is that you can use your phone while its getting recharged. The Incipio Offgrid Express case uses a micro usb to charge it, which makes it very easy to find a wire for. You can sync with Itunes without removing the case as well. The best part of the entire case by far is the price point. At around 50$ on Amazon for the case it is one of the cheapest battery cases on the market. I know TatWza will definitely be glad about that. Paired with the fact that it provides more than a full charge while maintaining a light slim design this is the perfect option who need a battery case without spending over $100.

Source: The Verge