Online shopping is one of the newest ways to past time, that even robots are getting into it. What items would you expect a robot to order from the deep web? Ecstasy. That’s right, ecstasy. And when the robot gets caught, it gets all charges dropped. Check out how this robot gets away with a felony after the jump.

Back in January, the Swiss police seized a robot who buys drugs and plenty of other things off the deep web. Some of the items include fake Diesel jeans, a pair of fake Nike Air Yeezy 2, 10 packets of cigarettes, a ‘The Lord of The Rings” ebook collection, and 10 ecstasy pills.

The “Random Darknet Shopper” was made as a mystery shopper in the deep web for an art installation part of the exhibition “The Darknet–From From Memes To Onionland” at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen in Switzerland. It’s initial task was to go on a weekly shopping spree with a limit of 100 bitcoins per week. At the exhibit the items purchased was displayed alongside the packaging it came in. The exhibit was open since October 18, 2015 until the robot and all the items purchased were seized in January.

All of the items, except for the pills, were returned to the artists, according to a post on the !Mediengruppe Bitnik website. Neither the robot or its creators were charged with any type of criminal activity.

“We decided the Ecstasy that is in this presentation was safe and nobody could take it away. Bitnik never intended to sell it or consume it so we didn’t punish them,” St Gallen spokesman Thomas Hansjakob told CNBC.

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