One of the most influential power couples, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee are at it again. Ex-hubby, Uncle Rush was one of the first to clone Kimora as his ideal business associate and now the two are joining super powers. When the ex item, who aren’t actually married anymore said for richer are poorer in their vows, the pastor should’ve said for rich or RICHER!

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The parents converted business partners made it official as they made a leading investment in growing diet beverage, Celsius. In great company, they invested along side of Li Ka-Shing, a Hong Kong investor and philanthropist. He is notably the is the richest person in Asia, with a net worth of 31.9 billion. This was obviously a private endeavor for the most elite benefactors and Russell and Kimora were at the head of the table, in true Hip Hop royalty fashion. The trio invested a total of 15.95 million dollars. This product must be something special to round up such a hefty contribution.

The fat burner drink was looking for way to appeal to the public scene and they found the perfect in. The drink promises 93% greater fat loss and a huge boost in energy. If the drink works just as well as it says it does, the Simmons will be getting their money’s worth. A short while after they publicly endorsed their new venture, their inter circle of multitalented friends followed suit. Snoop Dog, Kenny Hamilton, and Marlon Waynes were a few close friends that supported via Instagram.

The duo might be better off as business associates than husband and wife. Who could’ve imagined that the once exotic model would be a leading force in one of the most prevalent multi million dollar business deals happening right now.

Source Bizjournals