IFWT_McDonladsMcDonald’s sales are falling and real quick.A couple years ago Cnn along with other economist predicted that McDonalds sales would plummet.Now 2015 and yep still falling.What does this mean for McDonalds ? Will they go extinct ?

It seems as if everyone is always working on there summer bod.Waist training or trying some crazy body cleanse.America seems to be going through a health craze and this could be the reason McDonalds is having trouble keeping afloat.

It’s been a whole 75 years since McDonalds opened up its first doors in 1940 in Bernardino,California.At some point along the way the public found out that fast food had a couple secret ingredients they weren’t exactly too sure how they felt about them.

Including and limited to (Drum Roll Please)
Dimethylpolysiloxane – A chemical known for its use in silicone breast implants, silly putty, and also… chicken nuggets
Propylene glycol – A laxative chemical and electronic cigarette filler that even e-cigarette companies are beginning to phase out
Azodicarbonamide – A chemical used in the creation of foamed plastic items like yoga mats

Google it I’m not lying. So I guess this made people a little upset. Then a documentary called Super Size Me came out which pretty much exposed the ins-and-outs of the beloved fast food restaurant. Spoiler alert, incase you didn’t watch it the guy gained a ridicules amount of weight.That also didn’t sit very well with Americans. So this year the new CEO Steve Easterbrook will be sharing “initials details” for the companies next step on May 4th.

“I think there is a hunger and interest in our business to embrace change” Easterbrook expresses at a conference.

McDonald’s sales dropped 2.3% in the beginning of this year.Meanwhile restaurants like Chipotle have had an increase of 10.4% in there sales and Taco Bell who had an increase of 6% in there sales.McDonald’s has already started to make changes such as switching over to a “more simplified chicken recipe” and “curbing the use of antibiotics in raising chicken.”

So could McDonalds go extinct ?If so, years from now be telling you’re grandchildren about the pre-historic restaurant called McDonalds that sold happy meals and whose mascot was a tall creepy clown.Mmm,not loving it.

Written By:Daniela Franco