(2)Hilary promotes same sexmariiage_IFWT

JaaiR reported ealier this month that Hillary Clinton would be running for President in 2016. She will most likely be the primary candidate for the democratic party but there is one thing that could be in her way. WEED.

We all know that when it gets close to presidential elections, candidates tend to say anything to sway us for the vote. Back in 2008 when Hillary lost the democratic nomination, she was completely against legalizing bud and decriminalizing it. Coincidence? Nah, probably not. But now in more recent months, her position is supposedly shifting somewhat. According to Hillary, “I am a big believer in acquiring evidence, and I think we should see what kind of results we get, both from medical marijuana and recreational…”

Feels like we’ve heard that somewhere already. Hillary Clinton should probably take a position on legalizing the buddah or not though. Tides are changing these days and us younger voters pay more attention to politics especially when weed is involved. In 2012, 60% of the youth vote went to President Obama and I’m not saying if she still is against legalizing marijuana that she won’t get our votes but…O.K I lied that is what I’m saying. Lets face it man, the majority of Americans blow trees and are tired of worrying about getting caught up with it; so I’ll just leave that there!

Another crazy point, recreational use is LEGAL in the nation’s capital–Hillary’s potential backyard. How funny would that be to blow one in front of the White House and she’s inside–mad as hell??


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