IFWT_Ashanti 5

This week, Ashanti celebrated #ThrowbackThursday by posting a clip of the music video of her throwback hit, The Pledge. If you can remember the song professed Ashanti’s loyalty to Murder Inc. This caught the attention of the label’s founder Irv Gotti, and the rest was just …. weird.

Irv Gotti and Ashanti’s relationship has been on the rocks. In the past, Irv Gotti has been very vocal about how he feels towards Ashanti and her stance amidst Murder Inc’s downfall. Gotti often stated that Ashanti wasn’t as loyal to the label as she should’ve been. In a interview with Hot 97 Ashanti expressed that Irv’s view on her loyalty was very one sided. Eventually all that the drama died down.

However, when Ashanti posted a clip from of the video on Thursday, Irv commented underneath highlighting her lyrics to the song pledging her loyalty to The Inc. Judging from Ashanti’s response she was a bit uncomfortable with his comments, but kept her responses modest. Check the gallery & see what you can make of it, was Irv Gotti throwing shade?

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