The Fast and Furious Franchise recently just broke box office records with taking in a billion dollars world wide, with the death of it’s mega star Paul Walker it wasn’t certain whether the series would continue or end with Fast 7. As most people know they did not kill off Paul so some people had assumptions that this legacy that started back in 2001 would resume and make room for another Fast and Furious installment.


Vin Diesel aka Dominic Toretto has announced at an event called CinemaCon in Las Vegas that there will be more Fast and Furious movies to come in the near future it was also believed that he gave a release date….(drum roll) April 14th 2017. Something to look foward to in the up coming years, but im wondering just like everyone else im sure is how will the story line play out without Paul Walker Brian? Will he live happily every after and disappear with Mia and their kids or will he continue to show face with the likes of his brother and some special effects from the director. Right now its anyone’s guess but i feel like the franchise just wont feel quite right without Paul’s character not to take anything away from the rest of the cast, but you simply can not replace a Brian O’Connor

Source: MTVNews