The Martin Luther King inspired “Selma” film has become a movement of its own. It has sparked protests and much controversy but most importantly it has helped project the voice of many African Americans today, in light of the nations recent events. Film director Ava DuVernay has a special vision for the film and the role it can play in students’ lives.

In the video below DuVernay explains how the Oscar-nominated film can not only entertain students, but can also educate them and help them see the world in a different light. In partnership with Paramount Home Media, DuVernay has extended the Selma For Students initiative program which originally sought to allow students to see the movie for free. Now, the program will provide every high school in America with a free copy of the Selma film on DVD. Teachers will also have access to a free study guide that goes along with the film.

Selma has earned the support of many celebrities and icons including Beyonce, Spike Lee, and even President ObamaOprah who was always been one of the most powerful voices not only behind the film, but the movement as a whole, took  to her Instagram to announce the good news. Watch the video below and check the gallery for photos.

Jen Mars: Instagram|Twitter