The biggest story of the NFL offseason for a while was the question of does a tape of Dez Bryant doing something despicable on camera really exist? It seemed the Cowboys were about to get the shock of a lifetime and the league as well. At one point people were on edge as footage was expected to be released any day, but then that day came & went. In the age of social media stories can snowball out of control without any real proof things are true and this, for now at least appears to be something like that.


NFL writer Mike Florio was the person who “broke” the story that a team exists and he did it in a very irresponsible way. He hid behind the “sources” routing and meanwhile made it seem that Dez was doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice”. We all thought the worst but really this writer got away with what looks like a total B.S. story.

Jeff Pash, one of the members of NFL security said Jeff Pash said “We investigated and we did not find a video.”

Given the NFL’s ability to find out pretty much whatever they need to know about a player, the fact they still has never even gotten a vibe that a tape is out there is pretty strong evidence that it was never real to begin with.