It is no surprise that when Chris Brown posted an video on Instagram of his daughter some of his followers had some negative things to say. Well, Chris has finally answered back and his response just might surprise you.

Chris has been stepping up tremendously since the news broke that he has a little baby girl named Royalty. He has been seemingly playing an active role in baby’s life, frequently posting pictures, videos, and expressing how blessed he is to have her. However, Chris Brown has gained lifelong enemies because of his past decisions and they’re aren’t afraid to let him know how they feel.

Chris Brown posted a video of baby Royalty and one of his followers commented saying that she hopes someone messes up Royalty’s face like he did Rihanna. Sadly, comments like these are common for Chris Brown, but this time he decided to respond. We’ve seen him go off on followers before but surprisingly he takes the high road and deems the comment “uncalled  for”. He goes on to tell the hater that she has no respect for herself. I’m liking this new mature Chris. See the gallery for photos.


Chris Brown may have taken the high road but his stylist EJ didn’t. HE WENT OFF on the hater calling her a lonely coward and shaming her for wishing harm on an innocent baby. He fairly warned her that he is not Chris Brown and he will roast her endlessly & I believe him. What do y’all think did the Instagram hater deserve it? See gallery for the photo.

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