15 year-old Ava Dash spoke to social media to try to convince her father (Damon Dash) to stop publicly humiliating her mother (Rachel Roy).

As we know Rachel Roy and Damon Dash just ended a custody battle on April 20th. Leaving Dash with the lost of full custody of his two daughters Ava and Tallulah. Supervised visits to see the girls and a restraining order against him from Rachel! A furious Dash tried to then get revenge on Rachel by filing a lawsuit against her. Wanting 2.5 million from the fashion companies they build together. Wow.

So since Dash can not physically see Rachel to tell her how he feels he decided to go to his Instagram and tell the world instead. Just a few hours ago Dash posted a picture of Rachel with the title “Wife Rachel Roy With $2.5 Million Claims”. Then put in his caption for the photo:

“I been looking the other way for years but taking my children’s money to buy shoes and car services for a company you didn’t put up a dollar for and not letting me see my kids because I’m not alright with it is the most distasteful tacky thing a person can do..,I though I had Bergdorf Goodman but ended up with Macy’s…I’m not even mad it’s just business at this point it’s just terrible what money and the perception of it does to people that will never have it…they will even spend their children’s money on it…#mainlandmentality and and told yall I was gonna get at tops n downs for being#culturevultures and still #InvestInWomen”

Dash knew the world would be watching but it must of slipped his mind that 15-year old daughter Ava would be to. Ava went to the comment section and wrote:

“Are you serious dad?”
“Please stop”

Since the comment that Ava Dash made Damon has not taken the post down. But instead he made another post. So we assume he has saw his daughter’s plead to stop bashing Rachel Roy. Dash just does not seem to care.