Finally, Barbie is not just a women we want to look like; she’s now a woman we want to BE like. Mattel has created the “Shero” (as in she-hero) and the director of Selma, Ava DuVernay was at the top of their list to get her very own Barbie doll!

Emery Childs

The revolutionary collection of dolls were unveiled Friday at Variety’s “Power of Women” Luncheon. What sets this collection apart is it’s less about vanity and more about substance. Great character and humanitarism were in abundance in all the other dolls featured in the collection as well. Barbie was way overdue for this makeover.

Ava loved the doll which comes with her signature braids and sits in a directors chair. She said via Twitter,

I always played with my sisters Jina + Tera. For hours making stories + scenerios. So this is special, thanks @Barbie”.

The very same doll that strengthened her creativity as a child is now paying homage to her and her work. Check out the pics of Barbie in the gallery!