(Update) Carlisle just can’t stay out of the spot light this week. As stated earlier, I knew I could smell a fine coming his way. We all know once you criticize the league or the officiating, you’re definitely going to have to pay. Carlisle’s comments about his team getting beat on in Game 3 has cost him $25,000 as the league has just issued his fine. I guess those 26 rebounds Dwight got were really getting to him?

Over the last few years, NBA fans and players alike have come to see that the referees can be a little sensitive when it comes to blowing the whistle (Pause). In this year’s playoffs though, I have noticed that the refs are starting to let the players rock out though!

This week during the first two games of the San Antonio v.s. Los Angeles series, the two teams were definitely getting more physical than usual and the refs were actually letting it play out. Greg Pop had a heated conversation with one of the refs asking, “Is this how it will be tonight, because we can go there too,” and from there it was on.

Last night, after the Dallas Mavericks fell to the Houston Rockets, Rick Carlisle had some word for the officials and I think I smell a fine coming his way! Carlisle says, “…referees miss calls, but there’s just a lot of physical stuff going on out there that just doesn’t look kosher to me…this series has got to be played within the rules,” and it sounds like you’re crying to me. What happened to the days of the grimey 90s where you could get body slammed and that was a just personal foul? The league looks like its getting tough again and I think I like it.

This guy Carlisle, if you ask me, is looking for scapegoats since this series clearly is not going how he planned. First calling out Rondo and benching him for the rest of the playoffs and now crying about the referees and them not giving you the calls you want. The reality of the situation is, James Harden and the Houston Rockets are not little boys, they are a physical team and the Mavs are simply getting out played and beat up. They still have a shot to come back but its looking like they’ll need to climb Mount Everest if they even want to sniff a game 7.


Source: ESPN