With the summer apporaching and the Portland’s Trail Blazers hopes of a championship getting smaller by the day, Lamarcus Aldridge has some serious contemplating to do.

Lamarcus Aldridge and the Trail Blazers have been a force in the Western Conference for some time now but they have not been able to over come the depth that the conference holds. Sure getting to the playoffs on a consistent basis is great thing but what’s the point if you’re never getting to that championship? This has to be one of the things going through Aldridge’s mind because at the end of the day, players want to be in the best situation possible to get them that ring.

Even though the Trail Blazers can offer Aldridge the best opportunity financially, is it the best situation for him to get to the gold? I say no, and this is mainly because he hasn’t even been to the Western Conference Finals with his current squad. There have been rumor surrounding him going to either the Spurs or the Mavericks and either team could be a good choice. Obviously, the Mavs have recent championship experience and with Dirk’s career coming to an end soon, looks like a great opportunity to have the crown passed down. On the other hand, the Spurs are a DYNASTY and it goes without saying that if he decided to go there, that his chances for a ring are definitely multiplied.

As always, the New York “Money” Knicks are always in the conversation when it comes to picking up super star free agents (because they have the bread for it). Can’t front in the least bit though, Aldridge and Carmelo on one squad definitely sounds deadly. If I had to choose between the Spurs and the Knicks though, obviously that is an easy pick!


Source: SB Nation DailyKnicks