Chris Johnson

Back in early March, TMZ reported that Chris Johnson, formerly with the New York Jets, was shot in the shoulder in a drive by in Florida that left one man dead. He has since recovered and has hopes of getting picked up by a team.

According to police, Johnson’s Jeep was at a red light returning from a concert when it began taking bullets from another car. Life is crazy man; a source close to Johnson told TMZ that Johnson’s seat was reclined when the bullets started flying and if it was upright, we would probably be talking about two dead men. Talk about some luck.

The former New York jets Running back was spotted leaving a restaurant last night and looked to be in good spirits despite the gunshot he took to the shoulder a few weeks prior. Johnson even flexes for the camera to show that he is built Ford tough and when asked about potential prospects on where he would like to play he responds, “I’m just chillin’, you know, who ever wants me.” As real as it get or nah? A gunshot will definitely humble you right up and I’m sure he’s thankful to still have the opportunity to play in the league. Definitely a crazy situation to say the least, but I hope he does find a job and gets picked up by a team.


Source: TMZ