It is safe to say Greg Hardy’s first week in Dallas could have gone a little better. The polarizing defensive end was signed by the Cowboys during the offseason with the expectation he would face some type of suspension from the league for his domestic violence issues. The suspension was handed down earlier this week and it was for ten games, so things were already off to a bad start. Then during one of his first practice’s he got into a fight with teammate Davon Coleman, who called him a “woman beater”. Now on top of all that Hardy also had to literally leave his black Bentley on a road in Dallas after it was surrounded by flood waters.


While Hardy was driving through Dallas flood waters surprisingly rose out of control and left him and his mega luxury car stranded, Eventually Hardy had no choice but to abandon the vehicle and let the water basically destroy it. It wasn’t all bad for Hardy though as he wound up leaving in a White Ferrari. Perks of being wealthy.