Things just got real for over 135 Celebrities as Bodyguard and Confidant, Leonard Taylor announces his Tell-all book. This isn’t the first time the bodyguard with 21 years experience in the club scene has spoken out but this time he’s going for the jugular!

Emery Childs

Leonard Taylor, longtime celebrity bodyguard confesses to Radar Online that he has been taking detailed notes of the accounts. Compiled together, the accounts create his tell-all book that is going to definitely cause a stir. He’s already outted singer John Mayer and Captian America actor, Chris Evans but round 2 is going to be deadly! Taylor, who is ex bodyguard to A-List clientele such as Mark Whalburg and Uma Thurman, was more recently in the news for his alleged “emotional abuse” 1 million dollar lawsuit aginst NYC club owner, Barry Mullineaux. He claims that the night club tycoon forced him to buy cocaine for celebrities and blackballed him causing him to lose potential work by telling other clubs and security companies he was involved in drugs use and criminal behavior. This book is definitely lavage and possibly a ploy to convince Mullineaux to pay up and settle out of court. He disclosed to Radar the details of the situation,

“Mullineaux would get the money [to buy the drugs] from the [club’s] cash register,” and he “would have to buy drugs for such celebrities as Barron Hilton, Chris Evans, Ms. America Tara Conner.”

He claims he has many more names to drop and he plans on doing so. Athletes, singers, and hundreds of people throughout the entertainment industry are at his mercy. He’s admitting he’ll only spare a few names for their kind deeds over the years and general admiration for them. Among those names, Morgan Freedman and Bruce Willis were said to not be casualties in the Hollywood bloodbath.

Leonard feels his tell-all will be seen as revolutionary to some. He says, “There has never been a book where a Black man from the hood is exposing dirt of white celebrities.”