Kerry Washington might need a strong dose of Oliva Pope as she goes through turmoil with her retired baller hubby, Nnamdi Asomugha. Their marriage has been “hush-hush” from the beginning and now it’s the topic of conversation for all the wrong reasons. The two who haven’t even broken in their new wedding china, have landed themselves in couples counseling only a year and some change into their marriage. Find out what’s going wrong after the jump.

Emery Childs

Now there’s nothing wrong with getting professional help when ones marriage is feeling a little off; it’s much better than venting to your homegirls who don’t like your man/ are single themselves. However, if the reason why you guys cant get along is the same reason why Kerry and Nnamdi’s honey moon phase ended early than you might have a problem on your hands. A source close to the couple said that Nnamdi is “threatened by Kerry’s success.” This isn’t the first time her career’s gotten between them. Is he giving her an ultimatum between him or her career?

The 33 year old retired NFL player who is 5 years Kerry’s junior seems to still be a little young minded. A source close to the couple continues to spill the tea saying…

“Nnamdi’s bitter because he feels he should be the breadwinner.”

Although the source sounds like they’re team Kerry, that person doesn’t stand alone. Gweneth Paltrow, part of Kerry’s inner circle suggested counseling. As a new divorcé herself, Gweneth’s advice is to be taken with a grain of salt. Who’s to know if Kerry and Nnamdi’s chemistry is anything compared to Liv and Fitz’s, either way I hope they work it out.

Source: Radar Online