So the sultry femcee ,Trina, was expected to perform at a venue in Ohio. Trina didn’t get her pay so she left without performing. Trina’s own bee squad bashed her on social media for not performing. Disloyal much?


Trina RockStarr proclaimed on Instagram that she did in fact go to the venue. Trina was escorted inside and waited patiently to get paid but the promoters still curved her. They still tried to come up with a plan to make Trina stay but she still left. The club owner eventually apologized to Trina but the sexy boss wasn’t amused. Trina left without second guessing.

Trina stated:

“Columbus Ohio..I was there last night. I was at the venue! Please get off my page with all these ridiculous rude comments! Your issue is NOT with me, it’s with the promoters! I can care less how you feel about me personally I sleep GREAT at night, please write the promoters and ask why they didn’t PAY!! That’s why I didn’t perform. It’s not personal it’s just business!!! Have a fu#$N AMAZING day!!!!!!.”

Trina was entitled to leave since she didn’t get her guap. You do not work for free by any means.Promoters,fans and groupies must know that. Even angry fans should get it.. no pay means no work

Trina said in her latest Instagram post that she did not receive any pay for her appearance at a venue. As a result, the gorgeous vixen took her sultry curves elsewhere. Would you blame her? It turns out that the very promoter himself just posted a screenshot on Instagram. The screenshot reveals Trina’s signature on the promoters agency contract. The promoter stated:

” From Mr don’t put Ya hands on me dog. Is that Trina’s team signatures for a midnight performance and a boutique appearance ??? 12.01 you late if we wanna get technical but almost 2:30 am ridiculous period, and u didn’t even come to the boutique either 2 breaches in one day!! Trying make us accept fu**ery because you a celeb!! I ain’t going I swear #nobadbusinessthisway #facts #gameover lames stay messy the real see facts.”

Wow.. That’s a lot ! The club promoter said that Trina didn’t even come to any of the venue’s programs and even came late? That’s the reason Trina didn’t receive payment. Also, the promoter didn’t want to be a groupie and give Trina the special treatment that most people do.Regardless, business is business. If a sign says payment is involved there better be a check rolling in! So what? Maybe Trina came unacceptably late but that doesn’t mean that she can’t get paid!

Stop trying to make excuses for being broke!

Source: TheShadeRoomInc