Who do you think makes more money , Strippers vs Bartender? In this generation not far from different of any other, strip clubs are at an all time high. From East to West Coast from the richest of men, to the top celebrities and artist they all have the same thing in common. All of their money goes to strip clubs. These days the bartenders are giving these dancers a run for their money, literally

Bartenders are a new trend especially in New York. Teams of girls in leotards or matching costumes seem to be just as much apart of the show as the strippers. Its obvious there is plenty of money to go around but who would you say wins in the battle of Strippers Vs Bartenders? One of the biggest waves of bartenders come from Starlets in NYC. They named themselves StarTenders you can check out the hash tag and find photos of the lovely ladies.

Do Strippers have a threat on their hands? Dressing pretty similar but without the dancing they are a big part of the entertainment. So who wins the battle fellas, Strippers vs Bartenders . From who’s making the most money to who to a quick 15 minutes of fame. The last few years girls are growing into a generation with Butt injections and boob jobs. Some girls have been doing the unthinkable to their bodies just to become one of these famous bartenders. Can’t knock the hustle, most of these girls are well paid. The real question is up to the men, Who do you tip more? , Who would you rather bring home to mama? The battle of Strippers vs Bartenders has begun.

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