When changing a tire gets real! NASCAR is known for having pit crews who can change tires in record times, but what about when you’re doing your job and find yourself on fire? Hit the jump and check out the crazy flames that sent three crew members to the hospital.


The no. 62 car, driven by Brendan Gaughan, stopped for a regular pitstop saturday, when all of a sudden the car engulfed in flames. As seen in the video, you can see a crew member was in the middle of changing a tire when he then found himself in the center of the fire the spewed. Three crew members were injured in the flame, while one still remains hospitalized.

Richard Childress Racing thanked the track fire crew and medical staff for their “quick action,” and commended all of NASCAR’s safety equipment.

“The Sparco safety equipment, including the crew members’ firesuits, did its job in protecting them. We thank the NASCAR community for their continued support.”

Check out the video: