Ty Dolla Sign Gets Crazy with Lady Fan At University Of Memphis Last night! Hop into the post to watch the super raunchy video, #IFWT!!!!!

Last Night , Taylor Gang Artist Ty Dolla Sign did a show over at the University of Memphis. Although Ty Dolla Sign was the one who was booked , he wasn’t the only one who put on a performance for all to see.

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During Ty Dolla Sign’s performance, A Young Lady fan joins him on stage and puts it all on him. The Lady, who appears to be a college student is shown on the stage bent over in a doggy style position and throws it back on Ty Dolla Sign like her morning classes got canceled.

Ty Dolla Sign appears to be pretty used to this as he does shows all over the country at plenty of colleges but sheesh! This Girl didn’t give a F**k.

It has been no word who the pretty Thim Slick girl is or if she spoke out at all and looks like she’s having a good time having clothed sex with The Taylor Gang artist on stage.

I mean dancing is dancing but c’mon!

What do you guys think?

Was she sort of extra? or would you do the same if You just finished your Midterms , Class the next morning is canceled , you been drinking and your favorite artist turns up at your school?

Let us know in the comments! #IFWT!!!

Make sure you check out the video below!