Most of us are aware of the riots that have been taking place in Baltimore today and it does not appear that the crowd will be letting up anytime soon. The Baltimore Orioles were forced to make a decision about tonight’s game! Click more to check the story!

At this point, its all a matter of public safety and protecting innocent fans. The Orioles organization has consulted with the Baltimore Police Department and as a result, the game against the White Sox has been postponed. The decision was made after the unrest that has been taking place in Baltimore city today–which was sparked by the death of Freddie Gray–and fears of danger to Orioles fans arose.

According to the Orioles twitter account, they have cancelled the game in its entirety for the night and will make an announcement about a future date. If you happen to be in Baltimore and had plans on attending the game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, you should keep your parking passes and game tickets until further announcements are made. Hopefully the city of Baltimore is able to maintain control and the fans are able to watch the Orioles-White Sox game at some point.

Source: Baltimore Orioles