Today, April 27th 2015 marks the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral in Baltimore, Maryland. For those of you who don’t know, Freddie Gray is a 25 year old African American male who died while held in police custody this past week. Their was a threat made early this morning that the Black Guerrilla Family, Bloods, and Crips would be uniting forces today to “take-out” the police.


The family of Freddie Gray spoke out against the violence that has erupted in Baltimore. Not long ago, Gray’s mother and twin sister pleaded to stop all the violence and arson that has occurred all over the city.

“I want you all to get justice for my son. Don’t do it like this,” his mother pleaded.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been visiting the sites that have been heavily damaged in her city including a senior center that was being built by a local church that was burned to the ground. Reporters have been asking questions about the delay of enforcing the proposed curfew tonight instead of tomorrow night. However, the Mayor claimed that they needed to give the citizens notice before taking action. Meanwhile, fires continue to rage on in neighborhoods all over Baltimore.


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Thus far their have been 15 injured police officers with broken bones and I am sure their are injured citizens. Their has been attacks on police vehicles, leading to police vehicles going up in flames. Rocks and bricks are being thrown at officers. Student’s walked out of school today to be apart of this riot. People are being arrested and tear-gas is now being thrown into crowds to try to contain the rioters. This past week their have been peaceful protest. About 200 state troopers have been called in to help Baltimore get things under control. Police Forces are gathered and

If today’s violence was instead organized protest; I wonder what all could have been accomplished. I wonder if my fellow Americans know that the bloods and crips originated for the sole purpose to defend their rights. The true meaning of Crips is Community Resistance In Progress.

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The Governor of Baltimore has issued a State of Emergency for the city as well as a city wide curfew. 10:00 PM is the curfew for all Baltimore residents until 5:00 AM. The curfew means that the only reason you have to be out is for medical emergency or you are on your way to work. Massive Buildings in Baltimore are being set on fire and burning. 5,000 regional police officers have been called to order in Baltimore to help current police force. National Guard has also been activated for duty in Baltimore. Thus far 27 people have been arrested in reference to the rioting. The Justice Department will be giving full resources to end the violence in Baltimore. One of the larger buildings that have burned down was a community center/nursing home that was built by a church. The Governor has stated that all rioters will be held accountable. So many buildings continue to burn down in an area that is already lacking institutions, businesses, and community will now have to spend a lot of time rebuilding what once was.

Written By: Golden Brown
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Bloods & Crips Unite