Houston rapper Scarface checked in with Sway earlier this week. They got to chop it up about his new book and everything else he’s got going on. Not long into their conversation, Face went on a short rant about how wild Tupac was back in their touring days. Find out what happened while they were on the road after the jump!

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Scarface sat down with Sway and started the conversation by discussing his new book Diary Of A Madman. The “Guess Who’s Back” lyricist reflected on the topics and situations he talks about in the book. After they played “Smile,” Sway was curious about how Scarface met Tupac. He couldn’t really pinpoint the exact time and place. However, he did say that when he did start hanging with the Death Row rapper, he knew he was crazy.

“Pac would always start fights. He used to go on before me. [He would say], ‘Next motherf*cker to throw something up here, I’ll give you $100 to beat his ass,’” Face recalled. “He’d go back and get the bag from off the DJ stand and slide the glocks out and clear the god damn arena out. I was so f*cking mad at Pac for three shows.”

Scarface also talked about the time when Pac destroyed a hotel room with people he had met up with in Milwaukee. At that point, he had all the reason to be angry. The conversation took an emotional turn once Face began reflecting on his death. He remembered seeing the photo of his deceased body and the exact moment when he found out he was shot in Las Vegas.

“I was on my way back from California, and they called and said, ‘Pac got shot,’” stated Scarface. “Me knowing Pac like I know – this crazy motherf*cker – he’s gonna get out of this sh*t. He’s gonna be alright… That day they say he died, that was a f*cked up day for me.”

Watch the interview below.