Met Gala elevators have all the fun! If you remember last year, Solange Knowles Vs Jay Z’s elevator cat fight was the talk of Met Gala. Who will turn all the way up this year ? Lets run down a list of people attending and see what is in store for this year 2015 Met Gala. It has already been stated that Jay & Bey will not be in the building or the elevator this year, sorry.

May 4th the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be filled with Celebrities, Models and the top Designers in the game. Mary Kate & Ashley are at Met Gala, but not under the celebrity list. The twins paired up and are among the designer crew. Also on the designer list is Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacob , Vera Wang. Whats Gala without Donatella Versace , Tom Ford and Michael Kors. Tommy Hilfiger and Kenneth Cole will also be there so I’m taking it every one will be best dressed. Now lets get to the juicy stuff .

Now Rita Ora will be going up and down in Met Gala Elevators, and if you remember she was the last one to smash Rob Kardashian’s heart after ex girlfriend Adrienne Bailon already did. I sure hope her and Rob’s sister Kim (Kardashian) West don’t bump into each other on those elevators. Although Kendall Jenner was on the list as “a possible”, we all know Kanye West will defiantly be along side his wife. Bombshell Katy Perry and bad gal Rhi Rhi will be strutting their stuff at Gala. The last thing Rhianna needs right now is Met Gala Elevators footage. All in all it will be an extravagant Monday Evening. Stay tuned for Gala Gowns and Gala info as we countdown days to Met Gala.

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