Mayweather is known for talking a lot of trash about his opponents, but he may have taken it a bit too far here. The Money Team website is now selling a T-shirt with Mayweather covered in the Philippines flag colors and titled, “King of the Ring,” which immediately sold out.


If Mayweather is trying to get Manny Pacquiao to dislike him anymore, this may have have just done the trick. Pacquiao is known for his strong ties to his country and takes great pride for being from the Philippines, where he is also a politician and member of the Philippine military.

Pacquiao has already explained his disdain for Mayweather, after Mayweather was convicted of assaulting woman, which Pac didn’t take lightly. Pac can now add disrespecting his home-country to the list for wanting to win Saturday’s fight.

Man; could this fight get anymore exciting? Stay Tuned!