Hip Hop legend, Erick Sermon speaks up on Hip-Hop’s tolerance level for transgender lifestyles. It’s an age old question and with every passing day the urgency and need for an answer grows. “Is hip hop ready to embrace transgenders? Erick doesn’t think at this stage in the game transgender performers represent the Hip-Hop culture accurately or appropriately and for that reason, there simply isn’t room for them. Check out the video after the jump.

Emery Childs

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and Erick Sermon took full advantage of the opportunity to voice his concerns about trans genders in the hip hop community. He says, “the culture is where it is, you know. What it represents, what it stands for…Not saying it’s a sport for men; It’s a sport for men and women who are representing the culture.” When asked if sometime down the line he see’s hip hop being more open minded he uses the NFL football player Mike Samm who is openly bisexual as a metaphor. He implies that the only reason Mike Samm isn’t playing is because of “what he is”, not because of his lack of talent.

Although Erick might think Bruce Jenner is “crazy”, there is no doubt that Jenner has started up a very important dialog in the hip hop community. Homophobia in the Black community is unarguably a factor in who is included and excluded in hip hop. When Macklemoore debuted his marriage equality anthem, Same Love, radio stations considered banning it because it was “pro gay”. But, if you were Erick Sermon you would’ve seen that coming.

Check out his interview below

Source: TMZ