In the past week dating rumors have been circulating about Ciara and Seattle Seahawk QB Russell Wilson. Fuel was added to the fire when pictures of the rumored couple at the White House State Dinner surfaced. Who knows where Future stands in all of this, but he might want to stay off social media for the next couple of days.

Whatever is going on between Ciara and Russell Wilson seems to have the singer in a happy place. Social media outlets have been going crazy since the release of photos with her and Wilson. Future has been quiet amoungst it all. If he thought he was going to just ignore it, Ciara fans are making it damn near impossible. From Twitter to Instagram, fans have been going in on Future. In the comments on his Instagram, followers are repeatedly posting football emojis.

Petty, ain’t the word! Ya’ll better leave him alone. Future, fans are expecting a great mixtape inspired by all of this. Check the gallery for photos.

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