Facebook is a place to vent, network and share memories. But it is also a place that could cost you, your job!

27 year old, Kaitlyn Walls resident of Colony, Texas went to Facebook to vent about what was on her mind. Kaitlyn was excited to start her new work adventure. She is a single mother trying to do what’s right for her and her child. So Kaitlyn went out and landed the first job that she could which happened to be in child care. Even through Kaitlyn did not approve of the job, she took it. After accepting the offer Kaitlyn decided to vent on her Facebook about how she really felt about the new position.

Kaitlyn Walls posted:

“I start my new job today but I absolutely hate working at a day care. I just really hate being around a lot of kids.”

Kaitlyn’s post received a lot of attention from all of those that had access to her Facebook page. Of those people were Kaitlyn’s employer and employees from her new daycare job. Her boss commented under the post to not bother coming in for her first day.

Kaitlyn stated:

“I actually cried it really hurt because I wasn’t trying to offend anybody ever,” said Walls. “It really was a big mistake. I don’t hate children I have my own I love her. I was just venting.”

Kaitlyn took this as a lesson learned and stated that she will never post anything like that again. She is currently seeking other employment

Be careful what you post on social media it can help and/or hurt you. Tatwza can tell you all about it.

Below is the video of Kaitlyn’s statement

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