Floyd Mayweather is one of the richest athletes in the world and after his fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, he’ll be millions of dollars richer.  His friend Suge Knight is hoping Mayweather will send a few of those millions his way so he can get out of jail.

“My understanding is that Suge is going to be bailed out this coming week,” lawyer Matthew Fletcher told the New York Daily News. “We think Mr. Mayweather is going to win the championship and then come champion the day again. They’re good friends, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t. And we believe that will happen.”

Bail for the rap mogul, who is in jail awaiting a July 7 trial on a murder charge, is set at $10 million. He is accused of hitting two men with his car in the parking lot of Tam’s Burgers in Compton, Calif., on Jan. 29. A local businessman, Terry Carter, died and prosecutors claim that Knight targeted at least one of the men.

Knight claims he was the target of an attack at Tam’s and that he accidentally ran Carter down.

Knight’s bail was originally set at $25 million but was reduced to $10 million.  He was hoping to get it reduced even further to $5 million but was denied.

Floyd Mayweather is worth $280 million and is expected to make $120 million or more after the fight on Saturday.  Surely $10 million won’t hurt his pockets but that’s still a lot of money for someone who was caught on tape committing the vehicular homicide.

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