IFWT_Laila Ali

Laila Ali was at LAX airport again, and again TMZ Sports hunted her down.  At first she said she had nothing to say to them after the Ronda Rousey fiasco blew up but she quickly hung up her phone call when they asked her about Floyd Mayweather saying he was better than her father.

Ali said it’s not just bravado, Mayweather really feels that way and it’s good to feel that way about yourself but that doesn’t make it true.  In essence, of course Ali was rolling with her father as the greatest.

They also asked her about fighting Ronda Rousey.  Ali says it’s NEVER going to happen.  She says she’s a boxer not a UFC fighter and a RETIRED boxer at that.

They asked her if Rousey decided to box instead of doing MMA if she would fight her and Ali said no “she’s not in my weight class and never will be”.  She also reiterated that she’s retired.

So sorry to everyone that was looking forward to that, it’s never gonna happen.


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Source: TMZ Sports