Business Insider revealed its 2015 list of best places to work in the US. Surprisingly, Google was beat out by Facebook for the number one spot. Facebook, being the largest social network, with over a billion registered users and 10,000 employes, has totally changed the way we socialize and get our news. As we uncover technological advances, we continue to see Facebook innovate to offer services complimenting these advances. It’s no secret that Facebook has had a huge impact on society, and TatWza predicts it will continue to have an impact; but let’s take a look at what the growing company offers it’s employees.

When asked about the culture around Facebook’s Menlo Park, California office, founder, Mark Zuckerberg replied, “We don’t have rules.” They encourage creativity, and allow employees to decorate the walls. Zuckerberg also offers his staff a large amount of transparency. Every Friday, there’s an open Q&A, which keeps employees abreast with coming changes and addresses any concerns. Aside from creative freedom and opportunities to voice their opinions, Facebook employees receive an outstanding pay rate and unmatched perks. The social media giant offers it’s employees gourmet food courts, an open climbing wall, on-site doctors and chiropractors, four months of paid parental leave, laundry and dry-cleaning services, even bikes to ride around campus! The average experienced employee makes $135,000 a year, even interns make about $7,000 a month! Mind you, these people are no slouches. They’re responsible for the innovations that have made Facebook so successful, and the stress free environment allows their brains to work best and ideas to flow freely.

93% of Facebook employees are highly satisfied. Don’t all go sending in your resumes at once!

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Source: AOL Jobs