In response to Protein World’s banned campaign,”Are you beach body ready?” which starred a super-skinny and fit model in a string bikini to promote weight loss products, Swimsuitsforall has unveiled it’s very own beach body ad starring the sexy and curvy Ashley Graham.

You may recognize the sexy brunette, Ashley Graham from her spread in the February 2015 Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated, where she was the first plus size model to ever to be featured in the ad. Now, she’s using her curves to send another message.

UK’s Protein World put out a campaign featuring a very slim model, caused mass protesting when it first appeared in London three weeks ago. The campaign was ordered by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority to be taken down the next three days.

Swimsuitsforall shared a response to the controversial campaign via Instagram with the ad featuring Graham showing off her bombshell body in a tiny black bikini. They also featured a from Graham, which said, “There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt.

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Source US Weekly