Should of happened earlier, but now major cities are beginning to make cameras as part of the police uniforms. Check out which cities near you will have this new piece of technology into place.

According to Taser, 16 major U.S cities have purchased wearable cameras for their police uniforms. Some of the cities are Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami. With everything happening in Baltimore, critics say if the cameras were implied earlier, these occurrences would not have came about. Since the mayor vetoed the bill for police cameras, she has been working on a proposal to implement the bill.

Now, these cameras are not cheap in any case possible. One AXON body camera will run about $399. Certain growing cities, like New Orleans, have noticed that it is worth having. Now, Taser’s stock has went sky high within the past year, raising up 84%. Their bread and butter are still stun guns, but with the level of awareness rising in U.S cities, that might change within the next few years.

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