A student who left a noose hanging from a tree on the Duke University Campus has received punishment but will be permitted to return to campus next semester. The University has announced that the student will not face criminal charges.

The discovery of the noose on the Durham campus was the cause outrage all over the country. The University has finished it’s investigation and released an open letter apology written by the unidentified student.

The letter explained that the student did not completely understand the historical significance and negativity connected to lynchings in the South.

The letter said: “Once I realized the historical connotations, I contacted the Administration, and explained that I never had any racist intent.”

The noose was found April 1 and according to the University was the result of ‘ignorance and bad judgement.’

“My purpose in hanging the noose was merely to take some pictures with my friends together with the noose, and then texting it to some others inviting them to come and ‘hang out’ with us — because it was such a nice day outside. If there was ever a pun with unintended consequences — this was certainly one,” the letter stated.

When the noose was found, students gathered in front of the University’s chapel in protest. Duke President Richard Brodhead told the crowd that their presence was a rejection of what nooses represent in an area of the country where lynchings were common tactics to terrorize black people.

University spokesman Michael Schoenfeld declined to elaborate on exactly the punishment the student received and the university declined to describe the student’s gender or race, citing privacy laws.

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