Just days away from the bomb shell Kim K’s Selfish Book. Thats right, she named her book Selfish. Already up and ready to order on major sites including Amazon you can place your pre orders now, but it will not be released until May 5th. Mtv news states Kim Kardashian is the selfie queen and the book will show you why. I’m assuming it will be tons of selfies and pictures for her fans and a lot of un released files.

The K doll has been taking selfies since she was 4 years old and she can take one anywhere. A lot of these pictures will be seen for the first time , but Kim found a way to document 9 recent years of her life in selfies. Selfies all over the world, all different hair colors and all different drama. 400 pages of Kim K pictures. On Instagram she posted a pic of different captions and notes she had jotted down for this book. From Bikini pics to Lingire, this book will give you the feel of going through you’r friends phone. Your rich beautiful, really hot lucky friend .

People Magazine states “Treat your coffee table to over 300 page collection of Kim K’s Best selfies”. Through the eyes of Kim’s camera , from how she started as a wardrobe stylist and became one of the worlds most talked about celebrity icons. Captions of the selfies will be in depth from the real feelings of kim on that day or particular event. Get your hands on Kim K’s selfish book. We know this book will have a happy ending. Hopefully we get to see the brink of her relationship with Husband Kanye and every detail of Kim’s pregnancy. Also check out the brief video on Jimmy Kimmel when she talked about the book and other details.

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