This is shocking.. but not surprising…Of course the man who took video of Freddie Gray was arrested by baltimore police! 30-year-old Kevin Moore was locked up on Thursday.


Kevin Moore was later released without charges.Thank God. This was a similar incident that happened to Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the horrific death of Eric Garner. Orta was of course arrested on unrelated charges. The police tried to intimidate poor Moore by posting his photo all over the internet. Is this right?
Moore was so scared of police retaliating. Humans should never be scared of the police but of course in this generation civilians are getting more scared.

Moore stated:

“What is important that you have to plaster my picture allover the internet? I’ve already spoken. How do you not know that picture is me?”

Moore also said that he and Gray were good friends. These two were buddies and both lived in the same housing. He said that the police had Gray folded up like an origami. Freddie Gray later died from vicious injuries by the police. It’s sad that recording a visual of police brutality gets people locked up. Police kill innocent people on the daily and never even get convicted. 2015 must be the year of change!
Source: BallerAlert