The couple that confused a lot of viewers to whether they where together or not has officially finalized their divorce.

Trina Braxton and Gabriel Adrian-Solis have ended their 10 years of marriage officially according to the courts. After the couple publicly show cased their infidelity issues on “Braxton Family Values”. They broke up and Trina filed for divorce in 2013. But Adrian-Solis asked the judge to give them time to work on the relationship and the case was tossed out. Which is why in the following “Braxton Family Values” season we saw the two together. Trina and Gabriel tried to work out their issues by separating at first, by living in different homes. But then came back together to see if they can work out in the span of 2 years. Which took viewers in a whirl spin, by trying to figure out what was next for the couple.

But from separate living arrangements new infidelity issues stirred up for the two. Making Trina go back to the court and filing for a divorce once again. In April of 2015 the divorce became final. Braxton and Adrian-Solis’s divorce comes with an agreement a division of money and assets.

Hopefully their separation can stay peaceful and they both find the happiness they are looking for.

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