Bruce Irvin was not happy watching the NFL draft last night. He enjoyed seeing the players make that next step, but he was not feeling a couple of the analysts during the night at all. Irvin played college ball at West Virginia and when the slander came for his school and a couple guys from there who were in the draft last night, he let them have it. He tells them to paint their face because they are clowns, and then calls another analyst a “Hoe”.


Maybe Irvin didn’t go about it the best way, but someone needs to check these draft analysts and the guys who cover college football. They tend to think very highly of their ability to rate how good a player will or won’t be and most of the time they are wrong either way. Because they aren’t the actual athletes and in the limelight they don’t get put on blast enough for not knowing what the hell they are talking about sometimes. A lot of times because their word is so respected, the opinion of an analyst can really alter a kid’s potential pro career and that itself is not right.

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